Saturday, September 24, 2016

Truckfighters - Hawkshaw

The high-octane Swedish stoner trio TRUCKFIGHTERS have released their second single/video "Hawkshaw", taken from the upcoming fifth album "V", set to be released on September 30th. The new track "Hawkshaw" is pretty laid back, but not without the classic fuzz that they are known of.

Current line up:

Ozo (Oskar Cedermalm) - vocals and bass
Dango (Niklas Källgren) - guitar
El Danno (Daniel Israelsson) - drums

The Video of todays tune is a nice animated story, so hit play and enjoy! V comes out through Fuzzorama and Century Media on September 30th.

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Upcoming tour dates below.

10.20.2016 Berlin (Germany) – SO36
10.21.2016 Chemnitz (Germany) – AJZ
10.22.2016 Vienna (Austria) – Fuzzfest
10.23.2016 Munich (Germany) – Backstage Halle
10.25.2016 Milan (Italy) – Lo-Fi
10.27.2016 Bologna (Italy) – Freakout
10.28.2016 Puget (France) – Le Rats
10.29.2016 Bron (France) – Le Jack Jack
11.02.2016 Bilbao (Spain) – Stage Live
11.03.2016 Barcelona (Spain) – Razz 3
11.04.2016 Madrid (Spain) – Chango
11.05.2016 Lisbon (Portugal) – Stairway Club
11.06.2016 Porto (Portugal) – Cave 45
11.09.2016 Amsterdam (The Netherlands) – Melkweg Oude Zaal
11.10.2016 Groningen (The Netherlands) – Vera
11.11.2016 Tilburg (The Netherlands) – O13
11.12.2016 Hengelo (The Netherlands) – Metropool
11.25.2016 Cologne (Germany) – Underground
12.04.2016 Birmingham (UK) – Rainbow
12.05.2016 Glasgow (UK) – King Tuts
12.06.2016 Nottingham (UK) – Rescue Rooms
12.07.2016 Bristol (UK) – Thekla
12.08.2016 Manchester (UK) – Ruby Lounge
12.09.2016 London (UK) – Islington Academy
12.10.2016 Brighton (UK) – Green Door Store
12.27.2016 Hamburg (Germany) – Sankt Hell Festival

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Mongol Horde - Make Way

MÖNGÖL HÖRDE is an English hardcore punk band formed in 2012. The group features Frank Turner on vocals, Ben Dawson on drums and Matt Nasir on guitar. Turner and Dawson are both former members of hardcore punk outfit MILLION DEAD. Frank Turner is now best known for his solo folk-punk material, and Matt Nasir is part of his backing band, THE SLEEPING SOULS. Lyrically, MÖNGÖL HÖRDE is not as serious as Frank Turner's other projects, with Turner stating, "Lyrically it's very different from what I do now, it's kind of depraved. The first song we wrote is about Natalie Portman's tapeworm using her as a glove puppet to lead an uprising in Hollywood. We're writing a whole pile of new songs and we're going to do some live dates soon."

The band made their live débuts at free shows in London and Leeds in the two days before the band played on the Lock Up Stage at Reading and Leeds Festival.

Today's tune "Make Way" is taken from their self-titled debut album was released on 26 May 2014.

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sahg – Black Unicorn

The four-piece Norwegian hard rock/ doom metal band SAHG have released their third single from the upcoming album "Memento Mori", set to be released on the September 23, 2016.

SAHG was formed in Bergen in the summer of 2004, by key figures in the metal scene of their country: Tom Cato Visnes (KING OV HELL), Einar Selvik (KVITRAFN), Olav Iversen and Thomas Tofthagen. Iversen has been the main songwriter and the only constant member of the band since its inception.


The album release date coincides with the 39th birthday of Olav Iversen (SAHG frontman), an aspect that's symbolic to the title. Iversen explains:

“ Memento Mori was one of several options that we had on note for a long time. But then Lemmy (Kilmister) died. And (David) Bowie died. And all of a sudden, all these rock icons disappeared, one by one. People that have made their imprint on history and influenced us musically since childhood. It made a great impression on a personal level, and started a grieving process that influenced the making of the album. Suddenly it was very clear what the album title would be. “Remember, you must die”. Even immortal legends like Bowie and Lemmy don’t live forever.

“During the making of Memento Mori, Black Unicorn stood out as a single and opening track of the album. The idea was to introduce the album with an eerie atmosphere and unsettling tension that you would instantly tap into and want to explore further. From the uncomfortable relief of the chorus, the song twists and turns into something quite different than I hope many would expect. Black Unicorn is a call for caution against radicalism in general. All ideologies end up murdering the innocent when taken too far. This is truly one of our all-time stand-out tracks, that we will bring with us into the future.

We left it in the hands of film director Benjamin Langeland and his crew at Flimmer Film to create the video for Black Unicorn. We had our initial thoughts and ideas for the aesthetic direction, but Benjamin took it his own way. And looking at how it turned out, we are very happy that he did. He turned it into a horror universe of medieval sorts, with a story that turns from dark to pitch black in the end. My daughter Stella is starring in the video, and she made daddy very proud, by giving a stellar performance.”

The beautiful Video of today's tune "Black Unicorn" is made by Benjamin Langeland.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cancer Bats - Beelzebub

Today I pick a random tune from the list of unplayed tunes.

The mighty Canadian CANCER BATS released a music video from "Searching for Zero", their fifth studio album which came out in March 2015. "Beelzebub" is the band’s third music video from the album, following “True Zero,” and, “Satellites.”

CANCER BATS take a wide variety of influences from heavy metal subgenres and fuse them into hardcore and punk rock and also include elements of Southern rock. Their sound has thus been likened to sludge metal, as well as to that of metalcore bands such as CONVERGE and HATEBREED. The members of CANCER BATS have also toured and recorded as a BLACK SABBATH cover band under the name BAT SABBATH.

Liam Cormier day job is fronting the CANCER BATS but his passion is not only in music. MCN spent some time with Liam Cormier before a trip to Norway to play a festival to find out what it’s like balancing life on tour and riding motorbikes…, read it here!

Today's tune "Beelzebub" is taken from the fifth studio album, "Searching for Zero", it was released on March 10, 2015.

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